01 September 2010

Two Healthier Ways to Cut Calories via a Balanced Metabolism

The long accepted 'starvation' and food restriction approach to weight management have defined the weight loss industry.

How easy it is to forget that you have your own efficient, energy/calorie burning system fueled by a well energized body with a healthy metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which the body breaks down food so that its components can be utilized by the body for various functions.

It is therefore very important to pay attention to your metabolism and ensure that it is working at its best to keep your body well energized so that it can burn calories more efficiently.

Two simple practices to jump start your metabolism include:

Eating a Balance Breakfast: A good breakfast to start off the day has been shown to impact metabolism in a positive way and curb overeating latter down in the day. A simple low-sugar cereal with high fiber content with some form of lean protein, whole grain bread and fruit is a good, balanced breakfast choice.

Paying Attention to Hunger Cues: Hunger cues are the body’s way of letting you know what it needs nutritionally. Ignoring your natural hunger cues and skipping meals lead to undereating which lowers your body’s metabolism as it attempts to conserve energy. The result is unwanted weight gain.

Maintaining a balanced metabolism is one of the best ways to manage energy and calories efficiently. Therefore it pays to ensure that your body's metabolism is functioning at its best.

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This is a very good reminder. So many people think "if I eat less, I'll lose weight", but you're so right. It's not that simple! You have to eat less of the wrong things and more of what's good for your body!

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