09 August 2010

Four Quality Juice Finds For When You Can't Make Your Own at Home

There are hundreds of juices on the market, but if you really look at the label on the back of the bottle, you find that they are loaded with much more than just the juice. Most of these are additives and preservatives. When it comes to juices the simpler and shorter the ingredient list, the better. No Added Sugar is always highly desirable.

So when it comes to ready-made juices, which are the best ones out there? Well taking into consideration wholesomeness, nutrition, and taste, here are four best-on-the -market juices I would recommend:

1. Naked Juice, which has a variety of blends to choose from

2. Odwalla which tastes as close to home as you can get. Odwalla juices are flash pasteurized thus preserving the taste and nutrients. The juice is heated for a short period of time to remove bacteria, then quickly cooled to preserve the taste and nutrients.

3. Bolthouse Farms juices with wonderful blends such as "Green Goodness", a concoction which include kiwi, pineapple, apples etc and also "Amazing Mango" which makes you feel like you're eating the real fruit in a bottle.

4. Welch's Grape Juice is a choice you can never go wrong with. It's pure and simple goodness. Its concentrated form however can make it a little bit on the sweet side. So you could mix some seltzer water with it or a less sweet clear juice.

All of these are all natural choices, which is their greatest appeal.

Some of these juices, like Bolthouse Farms, even display the exact proportion of each type of fruit used in each bottle of the juice blend. For example, 1/2 Pineapple, 1 apple, 2 kiwis etc. So this is a better indicator of what you're getting vs. just having the item on the ingredient list.

Tip: Also, because these juices cost more than regular juices on the market, to save considerably be sure to buy the bigger, full-sized bottle. They are usually more reasonably priced, just a couple bucks over their mini versions. Also, they are more likely to be on sale.

Any food you choose to consume should resemble something which you would make yourself if you had the time and resources. Make everything you eat worth it, because quality does count for a lot.

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