11 July 2010

Stress Quick Fix: Three Simple Relaxation Techniques for Instant Calm

I like quick and easy especially in the mist of a serious dose of stress. Often times, when in the mist of a stressful moment you may not be able to focus long enough to get yourself to a better place. So it is helpful if relief is brief and instant.

Three techniques which I've found useful are:

1. The Drum Method: I got this method from somewhere that I can't recall right now, and I have given it a name of my own reflective of what it is. Perhaps you may need to use this technique when you're alone when you are worrying or filled with overwhelming emotions. You simply tap your body at various points with the palms of both hands as if you were "drumming" your entire body. It may seem silly at first, but this technique offers a much needed distraction from whatever you're focusing and concerned about in that moment.

2. The Focused Breathing Method: This method is widely utilize in many self-development books. It is not just about taking in a few deep breathes although just doing this is helpful. There is a technique to focused breathing. First off take in a deep breathe through the nose on the count of four while extending the stomach. Hold for four seconds and breathe out through the mouth on the count of four while pulling in the stomach to its original relaxed position. On the out breath you want it be as if you were saying aaahhhh... and gently just letting the breath out.

Stomach centered breathing with less movement of the chest is said to be more natural to the way we normally breathe with the stomach going in and out. Just observe a baby or a loved one while they are sleeping.

2. The Feather Stroke Method: I got this method from a cute and charming book called The Little Book of Calm which has many wonderful techniques for instant calm. Again I have given the method a catchy name. The technique involves stroking the back of your non-dominant hand with the finger tips of the dominant hand using a feather-light trail from the base of the non-dominant hand by the wrist to the end of the fingers. This is surprisingly relaxing and takes little time or effort.

Emotional well being doesn't have to be a process needing to be planned beforehand, because it is so time consuming. It can and should be simple and in the moment as is with every part of the Savvy Non-Dieter™ Lifestyle.

If the techniques are useful to you, wonderful. You can also find many other techniques in The Little Book of Calm

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Great ways of staying stress free and healthy.


I like these three relaxation techniques that you've mentioned. I tried one of them and it works for me, from now on I will do the rest.

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