23 June 2010

10 Regular Food Habits of The Savvy Non-Dieter™

The Savvy Non-Dieter™ concept is all about redefining the relationship you have with food by transforming the diet mentality which governs so many of our eating experiences. I've found that dieting principles of deprivation, starvation, guilt-driven eating and restrictive meal planning have found their way into our general perception of the way we eat.

So many are using these principles even when not on a diet plan to lose a set amount of pounds. Whether we are aware of it or not, much of our thoughts of food are dictated by a society where there is ongoing and growing food phobia that has been fueled by a dieting culture.

To be a Savvy Non-Dieter™ is to not only question this food culture, but practice regularly a lifestyle which follows a healthier way of eating and cultivates many wonderful food habits. Ten of these are:

1. Often considering Quality and wholesomeness when making food choices.

2. Having no 'cheat' days. All foods are allowed, meaning that there are also less cravings.

3. Enjoying dessert with enthusiasm, appreciation and full engagement.

4. Practicing portion size savviness in a healthy and effective way.

5. Eating without feeling attacked or punished by food.

6. Enjoying ethnic cuisine whenever possible.

7. Having at least one recipe book with lots of colorful pictures on the book shelf (even though you may not cook much). Food is nice to look at!

8. Getting out to eat with family, friends, loved ones without needing to rationalize or justify this indulgence to yourself.

9. Knowing when to take a doggy bag and enjoy the leftovers later.

10. Having a food pantry and fridge with little or no "diet" items. The Savvy Non-Dieter™ (aka you) know that "diet" and other fake, altered foods, which are in the least resemblance to their original wholesome form, are less desirable.

Off course there are many more regular food habits of The Savvy Non-Dieter™, and you can come up with the regular practices most suited to you. The question is how open minded are you willing to be?

To Your Enjoyable and Guilt-Free Food Experiences,


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