10 March 2010

Six Ways to Tranform a Simple Walking Exercise Into A Mini-Event

With Spring coming up soon, enjoying an outdoor walk is a wonderful option for exercise or recreation. But a walk can be a really fulfilling event in and of itself.

Six ways to make a walk an event to look forward to

1. Get into the habit of walking in the park, the botanic garden or someplace which is visually uplifting and offers the opportunity to enjoy nature. Conducting your walking exercise routine along busy, noisy streets contributes nothing to calming stress and stimulating your mentally. Take your time and take in your surroundings. Dedicate at least the first 10-15 minutes of the walk to just observing and taking in your surroundings fully.

2. Use your walk as an opportunity to stop at a farmer’s market in close proximity to your walking route. Farmer’s markets are so plentiful nowadays and present a great opportunity to grab something healthy and organic perhaps at the end of your walk. Not only would you have enjoyed a wonderful outdoor workout, but also you may discover a few interesting eats that you probably hadn’t tried before.

3. Use the walk and this quiet time to fill your brain with some positive self-talk. A simple mantra like “I’m am so thankful that I’m now my perfect weight” or “Today is a good day for me” can turn a good walk into a great and emotional productive one.

4. Say hello to fellow walkers along the way. If you’re taking a similar route each day around the same time, you may find that you meet a few of the same people. When you connect with others who are doing the same thing you’re doing-in this case walking-then you may feel more connected to the activity. This can make it much more fulfilling and something to look forward to.

5. Don’t beat yourself up if you may not feel like walking as much each day. One day you may walk 4 miles, the other 2 miles. If you take in the pleasure of the experience of the walk as much as the walk itself, then you can feel accomplished in doing it even when you’re not as enthusiastic about getting out there.

6. Take along a friend if possible. This is a great way to feel more motivated sharing the experience with someone with a similar drive as you. The time passes by quickly as you enjoy good conversation with someone whose company you enjoy.

Walking is an activity which can have so many benefits and is a wonderful exercise option for body and mind.

To Your Enjoyable and Guilt-free Food Experiences,


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