14 March 2010

Dining Out Without The Fuss

Although eating out is wonderful, many often shy away from fancy restaurants except for on special occasions. I personally think that relaxed eating is an important part of the enjoyment of food and keeping it simple is a big way to do that. For some people the occasion of dressing up for a multi-course meal at an upscale restaurant is a big part of their enjoyment of food.

But in order to enjoy regular eating out which is affordable; fancy and pricey restaurants are often not practical. Today you find that many casual eateries are making more and more provisions to deliver the high dining standards to their customers without the fuss and expense. The major chain restaurants I've been to and the things I like about them include:


Regularly updated menu choices
More menu choices and cheaper entrees
Ultimate Trio Appetizer combinations
Under 550 Calorie Choices
2 Entrees for $20 meals
Classic and Signature Steak meals
Carside-to-go take out service

Outback Steakhouse:

Excellent service referring to the waitstaff.
Bloomin' Onion (great to share with a small group)
Garlic Mashed Potato
Make-it-your-way "No Rules Parmesan Pasta" and "No Rules Burger"
Extensive drink menu
Curbside-take away service

Olive Garden:

Tuscan style restaurant decor
Regularly changing menu choices
Extensive menu
Budget unlimited salad, soup, and bread sticks meal
Unique Alcoholic cocktails

Cheesecake Factory

Stylish decor
Huge, comprehensive menu
Wonderful interactive website
Extensive fusion cuisine like "Cajan Jambalaya Pasta", "Thai Chicken Pasta", "Jamaican Black Pepper Shrimp", "Ahi Tartare" and much more
A Cheesecake royalty and lots of cheesecakes to choose from
Small plate menu
Endless cocktail,mojito, magarita, and wine menu
Some restaurants even have roasted stuffed dates and edamame on the menu
Pizza Menu

Ruby Tuesdays
Upscale restaurant decor with casual ambiance (at least the one in Times Square NYC)
Unique "handcrafted" burgers and steaks
Self-Serve salad bar
Brunch at participating locations
Reduced Calorie "Smart Eating Choices" with comprehensive Nutritional overview (not just calories)

Off course their wonderful deep-dish pizza
Flatbread Pizza choices
Curbside Pickup
New International Menu choices

To Your Enjoyable and Guilt-free Food Experiences,


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