20 October 2009

Loving Leftovers

Forget what Mother said about finishing everything on your plate! Although you’re a grown-up now you still feel mother hovering over your plate uttering this over and over in your head. Bless your precious mom and even with all her good intentions, what she gave you was a serious guilt trip, and perhaps today you find yourself forcing to consume the excess food on your plate.

In a restaurant we feel no guilt about just getting a doggy bag, so use the same attitude with your home cooking. Leftovers are not just for the monstrous Thanksgiving turkey everyone wants to use up before it spoils. They eliminate the need to cook a meal from scratch or search for food the next day. I promise you that your mom isn’t looking!

It's fun to also cook meals which naturally serve double duty as leftovers the next day. These include foods like eggplant, cold pasta which can be incorporated into a salad, chicken, and beans. Leftover meats can be easily incorporated into a wonderful and enticing new recipe to create an entirely new meal. It only takes some fresh herbs and/or vegetables, various spices, and some other common items in the kitchen to jazz up and help reinvent a leftover meal.

Here's a very useful information page for utilizing a very common leftover meal item Chicken, at Love Food Hate Waste. Make sure to click on "Show imperial Units" under "Ingredients" for the recipe measurement, since this is a British website with a preference for the metric unit system.

Embracing leftovers allows us to enjoy eating free of the ingrained tendency to feel guilt about not eating everything on our plate. It also allows us to avoid wasting food and to save on our food spending.


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