14 October 2009

Be In a State of Wonderment About The Food You Eat

When it comes to food, it's a good idea to get into the habit of being a curious explorer. Get into a state of wonderment about the food you eat everyday. I’m not referring to the Nutrition labels and all the stuff we’re already obsessed about. Although that’s important as well. No, I’m referring to fun stuff like finding out the origins or family roots of a food. Like how fun is it to find out how a common food came about or how peanut butter or honey etc are produced? And what about finding out where most of the country's garlic is produced-California, or that eggplant is a tomato relative, or what about Chayote, a fruit which is consumed like a vegetable and is not at all sweet! It's in the squash family.

It's an interesting process to get well acquainted with your food. “Unwrapped” on Food Network is a show which reveals the manufacturing process for 100's of foods. Another show for interesting food facts is “Good Eats” and The Secret Life of although it is now cancelled. Here’s a past episode from Unwrapped:

And Here's a Short History Lesson About The Hot Dog:

It’s important to remember that food is not merely for subsistence or fuel. Food is a vital part of the delight of life, just like love, leisure, time spent with family etc. When we put food into its rightful place, then we see how important it is to develop a more positive, attentive, exploratory, grateful attitude towards eating.


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