11 May 2009

Is The Gloom & Doom of The Economy Reshaping Our Eating Experiences?

Even in the mist of all this talk of economic gloom and doom, I feel there are great opportunities. At times like these people become more innovative in order to be able to do more with less or they just appreciate more of what they have. Don't be surprised if the many innovations and businesses appearing right now lead to an unprecedented growth spurt in a few years time. Isn’t it said that “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”?

Improving the food supply has been an initiative years in the making even before the current state of things. Right now however it has become necessary to accelerate and give greater attention to the issue. New ways of doing food are quite evident.

-More Home Cooking: The fact that it is a cheaper option makes this an obvious choice for families looking to manage their food budget more effectively. The increased attractiveness of home cooking right now may also be a product of more people being at home due to their employment status (either self-employed or not working).

-Many individuals are now looking to purchase foods grown by local farmers in their neighborhoods and communities or even growing them in their own backyards. Not only is this more cost effective, but it gives you the freshest produce. Even the WIC program, which offers food vouchers for low income moms, is extending its program to provide greater access to farmers markets to its clients.

-Smaller entree and dessert portions at Restaurants: This is beneficial for everyone involved:
• For one thing smaller portions can be priced more reasonably
• Weight conscious customers are demanding moderate meal portions vs the colossal plates of food which they have become accustomed to in the past.

It appears that in many ways many of us are putting more thought into what we put in our pots, on our plates, and into our bodies, which is indeed wonderful and refreshing. Now is the best time ever to be a Savvy Non-Dieter.


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