19 May 2009

Frozen Dinners/Entrees Have Experienced a Serious Upgrade

Last week Target had “Lean Cuisine” and “ Weight Watchers Smart Ones” frozen entrees on sale for $2.00. I got to the sale on the last day and between the two brands, there were less than 10 boxes left on the shelf! This is just some of the evidence that right now more than ever families are looking for convenience and budget friendly meals. And with so much varied, healthy, and well portioned frozen choices available, why not? If you haven’t noticed yet, the good old ‘frozen dinner/frozen entree meal” has made a comeback and it’s bigger and better than ever.

A New Wave:

This isn’t your grandma’s’ mystery food in a box’ frozen dinners, most commonly called TV Dinners back in the day. However, unlike those TV Dinners, many choices today not only contain less preservatives and more recognizable ingredients that you can pronounce, but they also reflect sensibly portioned quantities of food per meal vs. what is normally consumed in a meal. Lean Cuisine offers a large selection of 400 Calories or less per meal choices.

The frozen dinners available on the market reflect the increasing emphasis on health, quality, nutrition and wholesomeness in eating. When I saw Kashi coming out with their own ‘frozen dinners’ line recently, then I knew that things were really shifting in the world of ready prepared and frozen dinner/entree items. Amy’s line of frozen entrees and other pre-made food items is another brand offering quality choices as well as being known for their vegan, organic, low sodium, gluten free selections. Trader Joe’s brand of entrees offer gourmet and specialty features with more budget friendly prices.

A Touch of Culture:

As companies become more creative, frozen entrees are also becoming a great avenue to experimenting with cultural cuisine Trying out new cuisines in such an easy way is a wonderful excuse to expand your culinary palate and encourage a truly enjoyable eating experience.

For The Foodies Out There:

Perhaps some of you foodies out there might be unmoved by any 'meal in a box' item. However even for you, I am sure there are times when you just need good food quick. I believe that our meals, which are influenced by so many factors, should not have so many rules attached to them.

Wonderful, quality frozen entrees with wholesome ingredients can be enjoyed just as much as regular cooking on the occasions where it is most convenient for you and your lifestyle. This is not likely an everyday thing, but it is good to know that it is readily available to you. When deciding which brands to select, you may give consideration to the ones I have mentioned here.

It's All About Choice:

Whichever one you choose however, always read the label and the ingredient list and choose the best selections for you and your family. A rule of thumb is that the simplier the ingredient list, the more wholesome the item likely is. Once your meal is hot and prepared, place it on a nice plate, garnish it a bit if desired or 'fancy it up' with nuts, dried fruit, or your favorite condiments. It's all about giving yourself options.


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