02 November 2008

If You’re Having A Delightful Cookie Treat… Make Sure It’s A Cookie Worth Having!

I believe that when it comes to certain foods, if you’re not having the real thing, you might as well forget it. Cookies fall into this category. Whichever way you put it cookie = decadence, and to enjoy it fully it certainly helps that it is all real. I’ve had altered forms of cookies aka ‘fake cookies’ made with artificially sweeteners and other compensatory elements added to help improve their health image.
But some foods are not as well suited to these kinds of modifications which can only act to remove the quality and ‘authenticity’ of the product. Take something like low-fat cheese for example. Yes it may certainly win the ‘healthy’ seal of approval, but in terms of palatability, it doesn’t measure up for me. There are so many other ways to manage fat intake without resorting to ‘blah blah’ cheese or ‘blah blah’ cookies.

I’m not saying that low-fat doesn’t have its place, but the days of healthy foods mostly being defined by the levels of fat, sugar, sodium etc striped from them are dissipating. Today it’s not so much what you cannot eat, but rather what good quality foods you can eat. There is such a thing as ‘healthy indulgence’ which merges decadence with health. No, this is not a paradox; the two can go together.

An example of this is with the wonderful indulgent cookies from Brent & Sam’s Pure Naturals which are currently my cookie of choice. I love these cookies so much that I just have to write about them

They meet several major ‘healthy indulgence’ qualities:
• They only use natural and organic ingredients, for e.g. They use evaporated cane juice instead of refined sugar
• They have no preservatives
• They are parked with flavor and a generous helping of ingredients
• They are gourmet
• They are perfectly portioned. Each cookie is about half the size of the regular size of most brands.
• They have a wide variety of flavors. So far my favorite versions are Chocolate Chip Pecan and Oatmeal Raisin Pecan.

When you look at it, the point is to make your calories count, which is a significant aspect of the non-dieter mindset. In my opinion, if you decide to use some of your daily caloric quota towards a cookie, it best be the finest cookie. Have it in bite-size portions like the Brent & Sam’s Pure Naturals cookies, designate a ‘cookie’ day of the week to make it more of a special treat, leave a little extra room at dinner for it, share it with a friend; but for goodness sake have the most luxurious cookie you can get your hands on. A cookie is the type of treat which deserves that kind of prominence.


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