17 August 2008

Why Having Self-Made Qualities Can Keep You On Top of Your Nutrition & Overall Ambitions

Many times when the word self-made is used, it usually refers to someone who has achieved financial success through their own ambitious efforts. But I believe that qualities which make a person self-made can be applied to any area-from money to health to career to personal pursuits.

To me personally, self-made means deciding to break away from the mold defined by everybody else and the comfort it provides. It defines self-empowerment, and I truly believe that we are all self-made. I think we just become lost in the noise and information we encounter every time we turn on the television, put on the radio, go to work, or pick up the phone. All of these demand your attention, but can stifle your own individual voice, so that something like quitting a job to pursue a dream or learning a skill without a class or loosing weight without a diet plan seem so outrageous.

Being self-made doesn’t mean that when you break away from the pack, you settle on a deserted island. But it does give you the luxury of tuning into yourself without all the noise, so that you choose the things around you which really do apply to you, and filter out those which do not. For example, being a non-dieter, where you choose to relate to food in a non-combative, non-anxious way; while in the midst of a largely food phobic society, can be a daunting pursuit.

You can however make the process less daunting if you embrace these qualities:

Shear Individualism:
When you choose to do things differently you have to be comfortable in being alone with yourself. This doesn’t refer to physical isolation necessarily, although at times you do need to separate from the noise and contrary information coming from those around you, to hear your own information.

Practices like meditation, yoga, reading relevant books on self-improvement and on your subject of interest, and quiet hobbies like jewelry making, gardening, painting etc. can help you maintain your personal focus. I'm always willing to try almost anything that will help keep me focused. These practices are also important at strengthening you mentally, so that when faced with resistance from those who don’t agree with or understand what you are doing, you stay steadfastly on track.

Passion & Belief:
When you’re focused on doing and succeeding at anything on your own terms, you must be certain that it’s really something you feel strongly about. When you’re riding on an unpopular or uncommon path, enthusiasm is crucial, because before anybody else, you have to convince yourself that this can and will work. It’s very easy to get back on the barn wagon with everybody else when we don’t truly feel the excitement and sense in what we are doing.

Another name for attitude is mindset. Because a mindset is fixed into you mental image, it allows you to better stay focused and to be true to whatever is your core belief. A positive and optimistic attitude can help you to keep your passion and belief strong even with unexpected hurdles along your self-made journey.

Seeking Like-Mindedness:
In being self-made it is helpful to find like-mindedness in people and resources which serve to reinforce your view point and allow you to grow. It may be a book, an article, a blog post, an email or a conversation with a person who shares similar aspirations. Total immersion and focus are crucial to being self-made and anything or anyone contrary to what you’re focused on can put you off track fast.

But if you're truly self-made you're already the kind of person who makes nothing stand in their way. That essential quality defines you as a non-dieter and someone with a healthy attitude towards the food you eat, your health, and your overall well being.


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