13 August 2008

Eight Tips To Making An At-Home-Workout Work

Part of having a non-dieter mindset is finding what best fits your individual circumstances, personality, life situation etc. This applies as much to exercise as eating. If you have settled on an at-home-workout plan as an alternative exercise plan, then there are some things to be mindful of in order to increase your chances of sticking with it and seeing results.

1. Always remember that short and sweet is best. A lengthy routine may make the routine seem like a second job and can decrease the likelihood of sticking with it.

2. If you are using workout videos , choose them based on what is of most interest to you and mix it up. Sample a few so you find the best fit for you. If you like Pilates and kickboxing for example, do both alternatively to avoid boredom.

3. Exercise in proper exercise wear to really embrace the exercise experience. Look the part as much as possible.

4. Give yourself lots of room. Clear out a spot in the living room or bedroom. Designate an exercise room if you happen to have a small extra room. Make certain your space is as comfortable as possible.

5. If you do feel like taking a walk, going to the park, bicycling or taking part in some outside activity, do so to help break the at-home-workout monotony.

6. Make sure there’s some heart pumping aerobic element in your at-home exercise routine as well as muscle engaging, weight resistance exercises like crunches, to burst a sweat and burn much more calories.

7. Don’t overdo it. It’s fine and certainly healthy to take a day or two break in between.

8. Even if you are at home, set a time or at least a time range for exercise. Some type of routine can help to ingrain in you some kind of commitment and discipline in an at-home workout plan.

Exercising at home can contribute to a successful weight management plan. Just like any workout however, some kind of method to the routine can make it much more likely to be sustained over an extended period of time.



Hello! Great blog! I have a question about exercise videos -- are there any that you recommend? I'm looking for something that would give an equivalent workout to 30 minutes of running (maybe 3-4 miles). Any thoughts?


Thanks for your comment. Well as far as exercise videos go, I've had the most success with Taebo, especially the Ab Bootcamp edition. I've also tried Winsor Pilattes with great success. But what I feel have done the most for weight management is dance, particularly belly dance and salsa. They engage your muscles and get your heart pumping at the same time. They also allow you to sweat out up to a couple hundred calories or more per 1/2 hour depending on your weight. The greater your weight, the more calories you will burn.

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