24 June 2008

'Power Drink'

After my first encounter, today I tried it again-'the power drink' , a potent health drink consisting of an endless list of organic components like 'blood wiss', beet root, peanuts, sorrel, ginger, dandelion, irish moss or sea moss, linseed, and liquified okra (YES, you read right, OKRA), and more. If half of these sound foreign, its probably beacause many are not part of the everyday foodstock for most people. But all of them are true power foods which have been long known for their multiple heatlh benefits from improving blood circulation, to helping to detoxify the body to boosting reproductive function. It's like an energy drink on steroids.

I got the drink from a natural food/'Ital' restaurant in Brooklyn recently. 'Ital' is the word used to describe a low-fat, low-salt, organic, vegetarian cuisine prepared by Rastas in Jamaica. This is probably the healthiest food you will eat, and the cleanest too.
The 'Power Drink' concoction which I was introduced to recently is truly an acquired taste, something you definitely force yourself to get used to because you just know it's good for you. Plus the restaurant where it came from has been open for thirty plus years, and the owner is considered to know his stuff as far as health foods are concerned,; and he makes the drink fresh right infront of you.

So this time around I drank with some more enthusiasm than the first time. But I had to omit the okra, which gives a special 'slimliness' to the power drink which I personally don't appreciate. Even in the name of health, I still have my limits! Perhaps its more mind over matter, but I truly feel that my cells are dancing after this mega boost. And I am think that I will be having many more of this particular 'power drink' in the future.


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