22 June 2008


When I first came across the earlier versions of mini-snacks in the grocery store aisles, I thought this idea is too simple for no one else to have not come up with it before. It's just genious, and it works. Since then many more companies have developed a 'mini-me' version to some of their products, and I am happy to see that. I always thought that the suggested serving size on food labels wasn't a very effective portion control tool. First of all, unlike myself who, on a regular supermarket visit reads food label after label as if each were an Oprah's 'Book of the Month' selection, most don't find such pleasure from food labels.

More often than not, when more food is placed in front of us we eat more. I don't know about you, but mini-snacks give me the sense that I'm having the whole bag without going overboard in calories. It's like you are having the whole cake and eating it too. 'Mini-snackery', as I call it, puts the suggested serving size from mere wording on a food label to a physical quantity that I can actually see. It's portion control at its finest.

The food companies got smart and realized that weighing and measuring food and repackaging mini-servings from a larger package is work for busy consumers, and this is a good thing for guilt -free snacking. Plus those mini-packages are so cute and adorable. Snacks are probably the greatest culprit when it comes to excess calories and unwanted weight gain and mini-snackery I find is a very simple way to control those calories.

Yesterday, I tried one of the 100-calorie mini-popcorn bags from Orville Redenbacher-'Natural & Organic Buttery Garlic. It was delicious and satisfying.
But with so many mini-snack varieties to choose from, delicious and satisfying snacking can be endless.


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