26 March 2011

Getting Into Results and Out of Stagnation-Part 2

If you've tried to take action towards sustained weight management only to always feel as if you're not getting anywhere, then you're not alone. Real, measurable action is hard to initiate let alone sustain. But as already discussed in the previous Part 1 installation of Getting Into Results and Out of Stagnation, taking action to bring about results is possible. We've already discussed some of the ways taking action can become less daunting, and more doable. Here are a few more suggestions:

-Regardless of what you want to change, focus first on Self-Care and always be kind to yourself though the process.

-Ask for help. Too often we think we can do things alone. When change is scary you must seek and embrace any help you can find from trusted individuals. Know that although action will be required of you to make change happen, focus most on what you want the end result to be ultimately rather than each stage along the way.

-Start making task lists to get you organized on all the things you need. I've found that a simple chalk board placed at a spot which is frequently visited and seen, like near the microwave or next to your bedroom or bathroom mirror or an office desk, works well. A chalk board forces you to get through the tasks because you really need to make more room on the board and the only way to do that is to erase “completed” tasks.

-Focus on holistic approaches to change. If you want to change your body incorporate things which grow your mind and soul.

To Your Enjoyable and Guilt-Free Food Experiences,


Steven Kiges

I really liked point #3. I think a lot of times we put so many if's or when's.... then I will ..... that we never move forward. When Pluto is aligned with Mars then I will start eating healthier. I know that is a silly example but it is what we do. The other thing that I work with clients on is what questions do you ask yourself? Do I feel like...... exercising today.... eating healthy....skipping the candy machine etc.... the problem with "Do I feel" questions is the answer is usually, too tired, tomorrow or something else like that.

For me I rarely "feel" like going to the gym so I don't ask myself anymore. I look at my schedule and it says "gym" so I go. Feeling has nothing to do with it. I do it becuase that is the commitment I made to myself.

When I do ask questions of myself they are How can I.... What would I rather do for exercise A or B..... To go out to dinner with friends what healthy food choices can I make.

We all need to work at asking better questions. PS I really like your blog, very much in tune with me. Have a look at my site, think you will like it.
theunreasonablelife.com Thanks, Steve

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