21 January 2011

Do The Prepackaged Foods From Most Diet Programs Measure Up in Taste?

Prepackaged Diet Plan foods like those from Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers etc. guarantee sure results in calorie controlled portable and convenient meals, but many times these do not measure up when it comes to taste. Recent research from Consumer Reports found that out of a number of prepackaged meals from the most popular Diet programs available, only five were palpable, all coming from the Jenny Craig program.

Although pre-made, prepackaged diet plan foods as part of an overall weight loss program offer convenience and easy meal planning, it could be argued that the same is so with portion-controlled frozen entrees from the supermarket. There are a wide variety of such entrees to choose from and many of these are generally better tasting and maybe even cheaper when you factor in supermarket sales and coupons.

Therefore many prepackaged diet plan foods could be replaced by store bought frozen entrees. They are just as quick to prepare, convenient, portable, and give much more variety than a Diet plan's pre-set menu items. Plus because of the many brands and varieties of frozen entrees available, it is a wonderful way to break the monotony of daily meals. Add a soup and salad if desired, and you have a more balanced meal.

Some of the healthiest brands to consider include Lean Cuisine, Kashi, Trader Joe's, Healthy Choice, Marie Callender's Fresh Steamer and Pasta Al Dente products, Amy's Kitchen and more. The use of wholesome frozen options can truly offer a little culinary exploration and an easy portion control method.

To Your Enjoyable and Guilt-Free Food Experiences



Choosing the right carbohydrate food definitely is the ideal approach to determine your diet, as opposed to eliminating carbohydrate food completely.


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