15 December 2010

The Transformative Effect of Gratitude and Appreciation

Gratitude isn't just some New Age idea. It works and takes no effort. Even if it may seem that things are so bad that there is absolutely nothing to be grateful for, there always is. Gratitude and appreciation are two ingredients that can quickly turn your mood around and help to simmer the intensity of whatever emotions you are feeling.

In terms of the Savvy Non-Dieter I speak a lot about true appreciation for food as a tool in nurturing a healthier relationship with food. Appreciation significantly curbs our defenses and make us more open to experiencing food in ways that make us feel good when eating, free of guilt and deprivation. Appreciation also works in a similar way for all the other non-food related events of our lives as well.

As we partake in our various holiday celebrations of the year, the presence of food, health, friends/family give us sufficient reason to be grateful. And as the year comes to its grand finale you are sure to reflect on the challenges, the lessons learnt, what was gained and lost, and all the little blissful moments however small.

But there's always something to be grateful for. If you have a fully functioning body even if it isn't perfect in your eyes, more than enough food without worry of where the next meal is coming from, good company, the pleasure of a good book or movie, social events, friends/family etc, then you already have somewhere to start.

Enjoy the good and may much more good give you more to be grateful for in the coming year.

Happy Holidays and a Happier New Year.

To Your Enjoyable and Guilt-Free Food Experiences


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