02 January 2010

The Top Self-Improvement Books to Kick Start Your Goals for The New Year

As a new year and a new decade begins, many of us have new goals and resolutions in place, and we need all the help we can get to keep motivated and inspired to experience the positive results we are working towards. There are so many personal development books out there that it can be challenging to filter out the best ones. And even though you already have even 20 books on your wish list that you’ve either had recommended to you or you’ve researched, each could take you hours to get through. Philosopher’s Notes has addressed this by offering the opportunity for you to read or listen to 100 of the top Self-Development, Success, and Self-Improvement books available.

The books depict top authors in the field like Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Jack Canefield, Louise Hay and more. The cool thing about it is that each book entry is a shortened version either in a 6-page report or a 20 minute audio with the major points, ideas, core lessons and principles conveyed in each book. Think of it as Cliff Notes for Self-Help books.

In short, you get the take home message and teaching principles of the book, so you can get what it is that you need to learn from it in the easiest way. This format allows you to get right to the life changing part of the book without needing to get through the entire book first. Plus it costs a lot less than buying 100 books. And if you do decide to purchase some of the books on your own, they are likely to be the books you really resonate with. Often times, we can delay reading a book because we figure we don’t have the time to read through it. But the desire for success, increased happiness, fulfillment, and overall wellness still remains even though we procrastinate. The Philosophers Notes are like bite-size jolts of wellness.

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