27 December 2009

Two Resources to Help You Combat Emotional Eating

Emotional eating almost always result in thoughts of shame, guilt and other feelings all negative in nature. Food becomes the distraction, because it enables us to not have to dwell on a thought or feeling that doesn't make us feel good. Unfortunately this often doesn't work for long.

If you think you may have this problem, here are a few resources to get you started in addressing it :

Am I Hungry: According to the Am I Hungry® system, permanent weight loss can only begin when you decide you're done with diets. It’s only then that you can be open to completely transforming your mindset around food.

The Program Highlights include

• getting more pleasure from less food

• strategies for dealing with emotional eating without guilt

• group support

• an online tele-workshop platform

• And more...

The majority of the Am I Hungry program is online based and includes a varying number of resources to choose from including books, guides, workshops, etc. However, there is also the option to work with a coach one on one on for phone or in person sessions if that is what is preferred. There is a free initial consultation to see whether this might be something for you.

Breaking Free from Emotional Eating, Geneen, Roth:

Geneen Roth is a pioneer in the area of eating problems and disorders and she has helped many to get to the core issues and resolve their relationship with food so that they can finally eat without guilt and manage weight effectively. She conducts numerous seminars, Breaking Free workshops and retreats and have also written several books on the subject.

Breaking Free From Emotional Eating is a comprehensive program which offers specific tools and techniques to enable participants to begin breaking free of eating that is impacted by psychological cues and stress. It provides simple tools which you can use in your day to day life to become truly able to embrace ways to finally put an end to emotional eating and its ramifications for good.

If you are an emotional eater then you must address this first before any weight management efforts can be successful. Accessing supportive resources which directly target this issue is a good place to begin.

To Your Enjoyable and Guilt-free Food Experiences,


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