28 August 2009

5 Reasons to Make Dance Your Exercise of Choice

Dancing is an engaging and continuous activity with great physical rewards. The reasons to make dancing your exercise of choice go way past the physical rewards.

1. Once you choose the dance that is right for you, there is no boredom because you are in enjoyment of what you are doing.

2. The range of dance choices is endless and you can even mix it up as you like. The many dances that are out there include: salsa, hip hop, urban, belly dance, tap dancing, samba…

3. You don’t require props or equipment or even a partner for most dances. Aside from comfortable clothing and good music, you really just need yourself. Even for dances like salsa which is usually enjoyed by two people, you can get away with practicing on your own.

4. Because dancing is more of a social activity, you can expand your social network and have fun with like-minded people as you are exercising. You find that people who are together in a dance class to be more likely to hang out outside the classroom setting. They also seem to be more likely to form friendships and act to enhance the dancing experience for each other.

5. You get to choose the level of monetary investment you put into it. Most dance classes will give you the option of paying per class, so you can choose as little or as many classes as you like. But dancing can be free too. You can dance at home. Also there are many opportunities to dance for free in a social setting-eg. Clubs and lounges with after-work, no-cover offers or happy hour. And let’s not forget the house parties-My house or yours?!

Most people love to dance and if they can’t dance they want to be at the place where the music and dancing is going on, because that’s where the action is. On the other hand, often you may have to bribe a friend to go to the gym with you! So need I more? Allow yourself to enjoy the most fun physical activity that I know of and "Just Dance".


Joan Nova

I heartily recommend Zumba (aerobic dance moves to Latin salsa music). I do it 3X a week. It's a great workout but, more than that, it's fun and the music is great.


Thanks Joan. Zumba seems like really high impact aerobic exercise and a great way to burst a sweat. I commend you for making your exercise routine fun and effective at the same time.

Yiska Obadia

I know the best way to sustain a regular exercise practice is to find something you enjoy. I've always loved to dance so this is one of my top choices for a good workout. Most recommended for a truly holistic dancing experience that engages the heart and spirit as well as the body are Journey Dance, and Gabrielle Roth's, 5 Rhythms. You can learn more online by searching for classes and workshops in your area.


Thanks Yiska. I checked out the resources you suggested and thank you for sharing such useful information. These dance forms definitely seem to take a unique, holistic, and refreshing approach.

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