30 July 2009

Coconut water- The Ultimate Therapeutic Thirst Quencher- Part II

The nutritional profile of coconut is unsurpassed giving it a true ‘Superfood” status. Nutrients found in coconut water include Calcium, B vitamins, Iron, and Vitamin C. One cup of coconut water has about 50 calories and 5mg of carbohydrates. Therefore it is ideal for weight management and for those with diabetes.

It is also a highly effective cleanser, immune system booster, and detoxifying agent that is able to flush the liver, kidneys, blood etc. It helps to fight viruses and wade off illnesses such as the flu, and reverse the harmful effects of toxins in the body. This is mainly because it contains Lauric Acid which is an important fatty acid with anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. Human breast milk is the only other food containing Lauric acid.

Coconut water is also a virtually Fat-Free food with no cholesterol.

Commercially, coconut water is available in the can, in the carton container, or in the bottle. As far as the coconut water in a can, just don’t do it. This is probably the most processed coconut water available on the market and is far removed from the original stuff extracted from the young coconut shell.

The ones available in the carton container from Zico and O.N.E for example are better, but the best is really the bottled variety. The Cold Preservation system is a technology for bottling coconut water recently developed in Jamaica. It keeps the coconut water intact with little processing and no additives or preservatives. The product comes from coconuts grown locally and is kept and shipped frozen solid.

As one who has enjoyed coconut water straight from the coconut shell on a number of occasions, I see the bottled variety manufactured via the Cold Preservation method as the best alternative choice and the closest to fresh authentic coconut water. The only down side perhaps is that because the product is unprocessed, it is highly perishable and must be kept refrigerated at all times. It can easily ferment if left at room temperature for some time. In the fridge it can keep for up to three weeks. Many Jamaican restaurants and eateries offer a number of varieties of this type of bottled coconut water. I haven’t seen it in the grocer as yet.

Whichever form of coconut water you choose, you should make an effort to get your hands on this refreshing and nourishing drink.



Wow, I definately have to try this! Thanks for the post!


Greta site with valuableinformation. I like coconut water. It is full of minerals.

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