11 February 2009

Be Open To Your Options

Being a Non-Dieter means opening yourself to options, but having options is no use if you don’t take advantage of them. Not only does it make life in general more interesting, but it is crucial to having the edge in leveraging the most out of life. We are fortunate to live in a country where we can easily enjoy variety and unlimited options in all areas. These unlimited options are so readily available that we hardly ever have to search very hard for them. Variety is the spice of life, and certainly the hallmark of most thriving and progressive populations.

In the same way choices can energize appreciation and enjoyment of food. Being open to different ethnic cuisines, spices and modes of cooking can significantly upgrade otherwise blah blah eating experiences. In addition, ethnic cuisines tend to encourage an interest in the origin of a certain food or dish, because the food is so ingrained with culture. A vegetable is just a vegetable, but if it’s adapted into various preparations using different ethnic styles-Latin, French, Thai, Italian, Caribbean etc., it becomes so much more.

There is a booming trend towards greater wellness, and with it has come great interest in exploring aspects of healthful eating and beneficial foods beyond what is accustomed to. Restaurant Menus display inventive applications of different ethnic influences and Cultural restaurants are growing in popularity. As you open your culinary options, that sole act can open you to a whole new relationship with food.

It may be helpful to start slowly. Getting acquainted with an individual belonging to the culture of the cuisine you are interested in trying is not a bad idea either. I know in places like NYC that may be much easier than most places, but it can really help to have someone to ask questions as you ease your way into a new cuisine.

A humble place to start your culinary exploration is simply the spice rack. Most supermarkets have a greater selection of spices and herbs.

Cultural cuisine is part of the new revolution in cooking and it is sneaking its way everywhere. It pays to take notice.


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