31 December 2008

Do in Order To Become Inspired...Then Do More.

At this time of year many of us are inspired to make Resolutions and Declarations of things that we intend to accomplish in 2009. With these general statements, we enter the new year with a new sense of vigor and a true call for real action. There is a great deal of inspiration and a sense of empowerment.

We start out ready to act, and hope that we can stay inspired and focused enough to keep the momentum going. But the decision itself and your conviction are not enough. I feel that waiting for conviction and inspiration, we never do anything or we give up the moment we don't 'feel' it anymore. So in this sense, it is true that "inspiration seldom generates action" or at least consistant action. Even if the goal is to be more inspired, this itself requires concrete action to get you to that state.

Doing when you don't feel like doing is sometimes an important way to keep inspired about a goal or resolution. Just think of a time when the last thing you wanted to do was smile, but you physically forced the smile perhaps after thinking of a cute puppy or something or someone pleasant. You didn't need to wait until you felt better or witnessed something funny to smile. However, taking action to 'fake it' may well have gotten you to a better feeling state even if you may not have been feeling your best.

The initial month or two of the year will most certainly test the strength of the changes you hope to make and stick with for 2009 and beyond. When it comes to food related goals, choose to incorporate the Non-Dieter Mindset principle of Being Unconventional. Do it your way and be open to adjusting your resolutions/goals to suit the changing tides of your life. After all, change is the only constant; it's just inevitable. Knowing that you're not bounded to the original form of a resolution or goal can make action towards it feel less constraining. Resolutions are too general and constricting anyway.

In terms of nutrition related goals , make the idea of fun a guiding and integral element. For example, with healthy eating the statement "I am trying foods from different cultures and experimenting with at least 4 new cuisines" or "I am shopping at a Natural/Organic Food Grocer" sounds more like something you may take action towards in the long run than if you were to simply say "I am eating healthier".

Remember that in real life, eating healthier often takes a backseat to eating enjoyably. People often say that they want to eat healthy, but if the food sucks they seldom stick to the 'healthy' plan. Trying foods from different cultures will certainly make your eating experiences more enjoyable while expanding on the number of healthy food choices made available to you.

Set actual objectives. Because these are specific and measurable outcomes, they put you in a constant action mode. Plus they cut a big and daunting goal into bite-size tasks you can better handle. By being specific, you make yourself more accountable. How many different foods do you want to try and by when? Write a list of ethnic restaurants to visit or a new recipe to try and set a time frame. Which Natural/Organic Food Store will you visit and how often per week or month? It might seem like a little more effort, but it eliminates vagueness which is a precursor to non-action.

Thinking that inspiration is always going to be available at will or you are always going to be enthusiastic about change is quite a misunderstanding. That's the main reason I feel so many well intentioned goals and resolutions get thrown in the bucket within a short time. People may feel that not having inspiration means that they probably don't want what they thought they wanted after all or they are not strong enough for it or they can't do it. Sometimes, however, taking responsibility for your own inspiration means that you may have to, as the saying goes, "Fake it Until You Make It". In the end taking any positive action, regardless of how small, truly brings about inspiration and results.

**I wish all of you a joyous and marvelous New Year and wonderful, fulfilling and healthful eating experiences always.


Joan Nova

Well said!


Thanks Joan. Have a fantastic New Year!

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