12 November 2008

Exercise and Positive Affirmations

I love whenever I discover a new twist on an activity which otherwise is pretty regular. Take for example, exercise, which can at times seem repetitive and routine. How can an exercise regimen be made more enjoyable and effective?

Well this week I came across an exercise workout called IntenSati which combines exercise with positive affirmations that are said out loud. Affirmations are positive statements of truth. They are essentially commands you say over and over, which proclaim a desired feeling or outcome. If you’ve ever used affirmations you will be familiar with how powerful they can be in putting you in a positive state of mind. Even if you may not see the affirmation as totally true at first, the point is to claim what your want to feel or experience instead of waiting around for it to magically appear. The other purpose is to take control of your thoughts instead of allowing your mind to go wild as is usually its tendency.

The concept of the IntenSati workout is to get your mind supercharged with positive words and statements in other to supercharge the workout. This is an intense aerobic workout. Examples of affirmations that can be used are “I am strong now”, “I am energized”, “I have all the power”, “I am focused” etc. Although the DVD is still on my wish list, I love the concept of it so much that I decided to try to incorporate it in my morning workout using some affirmative statements throughout. My workout felt like it had been cut in half, and I felt more energy during some of the more physically demanding segments of the workout. The concept of exercise with affirmations appeared to be quite effective.

So if you are one who is open to this kind of thing, maybe this new twist on exercising might be for you. Check out the video to get a taste of IntenSati.


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