02 July 2008

Getting Slow With Food

Can eating more slowly be a helpful weight management technique? As far as eating is concerned, there’s been much talk recently about the relationship between the mind and the body, and food. Whereas, in emotional eating we expect food to give us love, food, like anything else needs love too, and feelings of appreciation vs. dred while eating create more positive experiences with our food. The result is less guilt, less stress while eating, and less likelihood of overeating.

In “The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy, and Weight Loss”, Nutritionist, Marc David explores the mind-body connection and eating. He speaks not of dieting, but of making lasting changes to sustain long-term health and wellbeing. Louise Hay the visionary behind “You Can Heal Your Life” even suggests giving your food blessings every time you eat and thanking it for nourishing your body.

Talking to food? Ok, I admit getting ‘smoochy’ with food may be a hard sell. In this high speed society, it’s more about eat it fast and forget it, ½ hour lunches or no lunches at all, and quick and easy meals.

Some techniques I’ve tried or have thought of trying to improve my ‘slow down’ eating abilities which may be helpful to others, include:

-Avoiding multitasking when it comes to eating-I think you’re more likely to focus on eating if it’s the only thing you’re doing at a certain point in time, rather that eating being part of a bunch of things you’re trying to do at the same time

-'Eating like bird'-Small bites can be effective in slowing down the eating process

-Reminding myself constantly to slow down.

-Giving full attention and focus to the flavors and textures of the food

If you’re someone who has gotten accustomed to ½ hour lunches at work or skipping lunch all together, a simple start could be to enjoy a full lunch hour more often, so that lunch is less rushed.
Getting slow or at least slower with food starts somewhere, anywhere. And I know for a fact it makes eating much more pleasurable.


Denise Clarke

I agree ... slower is better ... it gives your meal a whole new sensory delight. Add a great glass of wine and you have a real feast!



I just discovered your blog and I love your attitude towards food. I have to confess, I do talk to my food sometimes. And even while I'm preparing it or cutting herbs off my windowsill plants, I'll thank them and tell them what yummy stuff they'll be getting appreciated in ;-)


Thanks for your comment. It really brought a smile to my face. I know that your food must be getting lots of love! I checked out your blog. Life in France looks really exquisite. Love your content and your really great food photography and creations. Thank you for making food look so good! :)

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