09 June 2008

You Don't Need Weight Watchers To Point It Out..Diets Just Don't Work

Are diets meant to really work in the first place? A diet is a regulated eating plan, but diets are becoming more and more restrictive and unrealistic. Think of the premise. Someone who has most likely never met you or know the lifestyle that you lead, is dictating to you a ‘cookie cutter’ magic weight-loss formula. If you’re the regular dieter, then you've probably purchased oodles of books and guides and programs developed by this or that nutrition or fitness guru. You believed what they say, because afterall, they’re the expert, right. Try as you may, if the diet plan they’re offering does not fit into your lifestyle or requires a dramatic overhaul of your everyday life that you are either unable or not ready to take on, then you are not going to stick to it.

I love food. I got involved in nutrition because of it. Eating well is a measure of a great life. Starvation, not so much. Perhaps I can understand the five-day fast for the sake of fitting into the dress. After all it is Wedding and Prom season. But a diet is not the end-all, magic solution. Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket. Diets are never meant to be long-term, but in most cases achieving and maintaining desired weight is. Most diets get the boot before they pay off in pounds lost what they cost in dollars. I wonder why...

Well for one thing people are not very good at doing non-fun things for too long.

So what's the alternative?” What else could possible rival the bootcamp quality discipline of a diet? If not a diet, then what?

Well I can tell you that the 'answer' is not another 'cookie cutter' formula. If only weight management could fit in a petridish and become a nice and predictable chemical outcome. But I don't know about you, but I'm a little more complicated than that.

There's the world of dieting and there's the non-dieter mindset. It's not about trying to run away from diets, because my guess is they're not going anywhere. There's lots of things out there which have nothing to do with dieting; realistic and more pleasant eating experiences, and all the other things that lessen our preoccupation with avoiding food. Imagine food be to be fun without commanding our daily lives.

There's stuff outside of dieting, and those things need attention too. Things that make you feel good and not guilty, and healthy overall. Some of them have nothing to do with food. So this blog is not about diet bashing, it's more about finding all the things food related and otherwise which build a non-dieter mindset.


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