04 May 2008

Nutrition Can Be Straightforward:

Food and Nutrition can sometimes be complicated, overwhelming, and laddened with rules which change everyday. There is a real need to simplify food and make it free of so many negative labels and all those pesky rules.

As far as diets are concerned, there is no one thing that will work for everyone. However most diets not only make the assumption that 'one-size-fits-all' when it comes to food, but they only provide short term results.

The Savvy Non-Dieter:

Sav.vy [sav-ee] noun
Intellectual hold: apprehension, comprehension, grasp, grip, hold, understanding.

The Savvy Non-Dieter has all of the above qualities and more. Other qualities of the Savvy Non-Dieter include:

-An interest in overall health and a desire to understand and apply nutrition and weight management in a way that works.

-The realization that a lifestyle of dieting can promote an unhealthy preoccupation with food and an unhealthy, guilt-based relationship with food.

-Always seeking to find fulfilling ways to make food and nutrition work for your life and preferences

-Empowerment, setting the bar high, being a bit unconventional in the way you approach your weight management goals and eating habits, and above all loving food in a healthful way and offering no apologies for that.

About Me:

I am a Dietitian by profession for about the past decade. Some people say Nutritionist. I can tell you that like all other Dietitians, I absolutely love food and talk of food. You already know I'm not an advocate of dieting as a long term weight management solution.

At the core of what I do, there is always the goal to instill a better understanding and appreciation of food in others. So my objective is to do just that and hopefully the end result will be you feeling greater empowerment as far as your relationship with food is concerned. Here's to enjoyable and healthful eating and overall well being!

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